Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh

Ivory and Bone is a prehistoric fantasy with allusions to Pride and Prejudice. It's Kol's story of how he met Mya - both heirs to their individual clans. However, their two clans have an uneasy history, and when Lo arrives with her clan, Mya's distain towards Kol grows - as does Kol's interest in Mya. 

2/5 stars


Unfortunately, I couldn't get into Ivory and Bone. To begin with, I really struggled with the writing style - this book is written in second person, so it's written from Kol's point of view, but he is addressing "you" throughout (aka Mya). I've never read a book written from second person before, and now that I have, I definitely don't have any plans to pick up another anytime soon. I also found that the plot just didn't pull me in at all - it definitely picked up after the first third of the book, but by then I was very much just trying to get through it (I almost considered stopping reading after the first 30 pages or so, but I can rarely bring myself to not finish a book once I'm a few chapters in).

The characters didn't seem to do much at all, and the misunderstanding between Kol and Mya towards the beginning of the book that set the pace for the way that their relationship played out seemed very petty in my opinion. Kol's favourite thing to do in life was collect honey - which I suppose may have been accurate considering the books Neolithic era setting, but I'm sure they did more exciting things back then (plus I was very disappointed that no one had a pet mammoth, or at least rode a mammoth, or something like that). I imagine it must be a challenge to any author to write a novel set in this era, but I think a bit of artistic licence in order to make the plot better would have been fine. However, the one thing that didn't stick with the era - and that really got to me - was the frequent use of the word parka. Everyone in this book is described as wearing parkas - and from the description given of them, this obviously meant some sort of fur hood or cloak. This is not a parka. Heck, I own a parka and it is green, made from manmade fabrics, and has zips and pockets. I'm sure what Kol and Mya wore could have been described in a better way, even if it was just "furs". I'm sorry if this is a bit of a pet peeve but I just couldn't cope with it. Anyway...

Overall, I think this was a very ambitious idea for a novel, and it just didn't quite cut it for me.


Has anyone else read Ivory and Bone? What were your thoughts? 
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