Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Top Ten Bookish Facts About Us

  • When I was in primary school, I won a Harry Potter colouring competition and received a signed copy of Order of the Phoenix and some other goodies. That was the start of my love for the series.
  • I was always entering library reading competitions as a child that required you to read a certain amount of books in a certain amount of time. Being as competitive as I am, this trained me to become a fast reader which comes in handy now when you've got a TBR as long as your arm.

  • When I was eleven, a poem we had to write about recycling in school was published in a poetry book. My mother proceeded to carry the book around with her, showing it to everybody and anybody.
  • I always 'receive books' for special occasions but people never know which books to get me so what I actually get are gift cards. I don't mind because it gives me an excuse to hide in Waterstones for hours on end.
  • I recently got a book related tattoo! It was drawn up by Becky and it is a take on Rhysand's tattoo from A Court of Mist and Fury. 

  • I also have a tattoo inspired by A Court of Mist and Fury! After reading ACOMAF, we both fell in love with the book and rushed out to get almost matching tattoos inspired by Rhysand’s tattoos - of mountain peaks with three stars above them.
  • When I was eleven, I won a short story competition and got to meet Jacqueline Wilson. I’ve got to say, to an eleven year old, this was probably the best prize in the world. Since twelve years have passed since then, I honestly don’t remember much about what happened (and I have no clue what my short story was about) but I got this photo taken with Jacqueline Wilson and a signed, personalised copy of her book Love Lessons.

  • I did actually want to be a writer when I was younger. Most people who know me these days don’t seem to expect it, since I’m definitely more of a photographer than a writer now, but it’s true. The first “book” I remember writing when I was ten (by hand, stuck together with a glue stick, and with a 3D cover made from pieces of coloured card) was called “What Should I Do?” and was about a young teenage girl who had an abusive home life and well, wondered what she should do about it. Evidently, I was a pretty messed up child. Why I wasn’t writing about a girl getting a pet unicorn or something when I was ten years old is beyond me. Anyway, I’m no writer anymore, but my husband has wrote a couple of YA novels that he’s in the process of trying to get published!
  • When I was twelve, I was part of a book club in high school. We had to read three new releases and choose our favourites for a local book awards ceremony. One of these books was Sleepwalking by Nicola Morgan, and although I wouldn’t consider this book to be the greatest now, it massively impacted me at the time as it’s the book that got me into dystopian fiction. I think if I’d not been assigned this book to read, I would’ve never read The Hunger Games, and then most likely wouldn’t have been into reading as much as I am.
  • Probably one of my biggest reading achievements was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in a day, on it’s release day. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how I did it - I don’t think I could manage it now. That book is a hefty 600+ pages and I must have been about eleven or twelve when it was released.

Tell us some interesting facts about you - bookish or not! Leave them in the comments below.

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