review requests

We love discovering new books! If you would like us to review your book, please drop us an email at with the following information:


- What is the title and genre of your book?
- A short synopsis of your book 
- How long is your book? (preferably, in page length)
- What is your books target audience? (age, gender etc)
- Is your book part of a series or a standalone?
- What format will we receive your book in? (both physical and electronic copies are accepted, but physical copies are preferred!)


Disclaimer: Should we choose to review your book, we will write honest reviews. Please be aware of this when contacting us - if we didn't enjoy your book, this will be reflected in our reviews! 


Genre Preferences: We both enjoy reading Young Adult, New Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Contemporary books especially, but will consider reviewing books from other genres if we're interested in their plot. We do not review non-fiction unless it is directly related to our interests and beliefs (e.g. feminist literature).

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